Jon Dennis is a Chartered Accountant and Business Adviser.

We believe it’s really important to let you know the chartered bit right at the start, because absolutely anyone can call themselves an accountant, but it doesn’t mean they can do the job.

As it isn’t a protected term, like a solicitor or doctor, it could mean that you aren’t being protected if you don’t check the qualifications of the person you choose to use.

As a Chartered Accountant Jon is registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). This means he is reviewed annually and holds indemnity insurance.

But enough of the legalese.

There are two main things we think you will want to know about Jon when deciding whether to use his services.

Firstly, his qualifications and experience. And secondly, what kind of person he is.

Let’s do the technical bit first. You can find out more about what kind of a person Jon is Click Here .

He qualified as a chartered accountant in 2001 and since then has worked extensively at the highest levels of large organisations, as well as with sole traders, SMEs and on the personal finances of wealthy individuals.

He is known to be a problem-solver who remains focused on the priorities of each individual client.

Providing large amounts of financial data to a tight deadline is one of Jon’s specialities and he has devised a number of different processes to make this gathering easier and more efficient for his clients.

He will bring a fresh pair of eyes to your business and will offer you expert advice, not just on your financial accounting, but also on how best to drive your business forward. This is achieved through logical data analysis and professional forecasting.

He is honest and fair and his colleagues and clients are immediately at ease when working with him.

So whether you need his compliance expertise to help complete your personal tax return, or his extensive knowledge of new legislation effecting your company’s VAT return, Jon is available to discuss your requirements today.

His agile, flexible working means he is available for evening and weekend

meetings and his fixed prices ensure there are no hidden charges at the end – no extra fees for letters, calls or meetings.

Jon’s proficiency extends across a number of areas, including self-assessments, Limited Company tax return, Financial Statements, VAT, payroll and CIS, Company House filings, Buy to Lets into Ltd Company, Personal Service Company and tax planning.


Red 76 Professional and Trustful Accountant
Red 76 Professional and Trustful Accountant

About Jon

Jon isn’t just a genius when it comes to number crunching; he also knows his stuff on the football pitch.

From overlapping full-backs to the off-side rule and the best way to save a penalty; it’s all in a day’s work - and play - for Jon.

His knowledge and passion for the beautiful game is now being passed on to his sons and other stars of the future, as the coach of one of the local youth football teams.

His fellow instructors describe him as personable and enthusiastic, with lots of energy, and someone who is able to motivate the boys he teaches.

His passion, confidence and optimism for the sport shines through and he has quickly won the respect of his young charges.

Jon is a great believer in continual development in his personal life, as well as his professional world. He continues to add to his burgeoning football CV, going above and beyond the required qualifications and gaining his Level 2 Outfield, Level 2 Goalkeeping and Level 1 Futsal certificates.

He is a well-organised and committed coach, who has used his accountancy knowledge to help drive revenue for the grass roots club he has come to love.

If he can do all that for a youth football team, imagine what he could do to drive your business forwards.