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Number Novice

Whether you’re fresh to finance, don’t know your PAYE from your VAT, or you just hate numbers and wish you could run your business without them, straight talking human help is at hand.

Seasoned & Savvy

If you’re an established business and you’re reasonably comfortable pawing your way through the P&L, we can help turn your sums into a strategic advantage for your company.

Under investigation?

If you’re currently involved in a tax investigation by HMRC and you need to hit the big red emergency button and get professional help to make the problem disappear right away…

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We have a unique story with each client.

What our clients have to say…

Ali Ilott
Heritage Planning

Jon was really proactive during lockdown, really quick off the mark with any questions and always on the front foot. I find that he’s more than an accountant, he’s a real sounding board, helping me to understand how I can expand my business. He’s always looking at how I can run my business more effectively, for example, introducing electronic accounts management. You often feel like you’re on your own when you’re self-employed, but with Jon you’ve got someone who’s got your back. It’s great!

Mike Jackson
Local business owner

I was with a firm of national accountants, but it really felt that I was too small for them. They were difficult to get hold of, I would speak to different people each time, and I really didn’t feel they understood my business. With Jon, it’s the complete opposite. He’s really interested in developing a relationship, he came to our house to meet me, something that I didn’t get in six years with the other accountants. He knows who we are as a company. He works with us to make sure things are done as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Jon, if you’re looking for a capable local accountant.

Clare Hunt
GP Practice Manager

Jon was a breath of fresh air for us. He joined us during a tricky time but took it in his stride. He didn’t try and bamboozle us with facts. Instead, the advice was straightforward. He was open to questions and got us the answers we needed. In the short time he’s been with us, he’s already saved us money by changing the accounting software we use. Not only that, he’s really pro-active. Either he or one of the team will contact me to check in and make sure things are going well. I’d definitely recommend Jon. He’s a great local accountant who will look after you whatever the circumstances.

Jon Davies
London Glades

My business is scaling but I felt that my previous accountant just wasn’t supporting this. Jon has been amazing. He understands where I want to go and is helping me get there. He’s help me navigate the help available through lock-down. He’s put in place processes which give me a really clear line as to where I’m headed. With monthly reviews, I know that my business is going to be able to grow in the way I want it to. Jon is instrumental to this. The best move I made!

Rowan Frayling
J Finance Ltd
Mortgage Advisor

For the last 3 years, as a Mortgage Adviser I have referred a number of my clients to Jon for tax advice. I respect his professional skills and his ability to ‘tell it like it is’ rather than confusing clients with accountancy jargon. Jon will listen and give an opinion or business advice, rather than just looking at a set of numbers.

Neil Oldcorn
Assest Leasing & Finance Limited
Managing Director,

As my accountant, Jon is knowledgeable, proactive, and supportive. The team are always on hand to answer questions in a timely, professional, and polite manner. My annual accounts and tax returns are completed shortly after the year end, which means I can concentrate on running my business rather than worrying about HMRC deadlines!

Jon Dennis doesn’t speak a foreign accounting language and is more than happy to help you plan for your financial year, tax bills and other expenses, not just bash out a set of accounts once a year and hibernated till next time.

Rowan Frayling

Jon Dennis from Red 76 Tax is fantastic. Loves helping local businesses and is highly recommended – he’s been looking after my books for the last few years.

Simon Daruvala

I use Red 76 Tax with Jon Dennis and would highly recommend. I was utterly clueless when starting out, but his wealth of knowledge and down to earth nature helps simplify everything and makes you feel super comfortable.

Sally Rimmer

Jon Dennis has helped me, efficient, knows his stuff and very professional.

Sophie Edgar Parkes

Red 76 Tax highly recommended , helps both myself and my husband.

Rachel Wallace

Give Red 76 Tax a call – a local business with a great reputation.

Clare A Farley

Jon Dennis at Red 76 Tax looks after all my businesses. Really appreciate all their help and support during a recent launch.

Dan Tillson

Easy. Red 76 Tax – just makes it easy for you. Pragmatic, commercially minded and explains clearly.

Tim Hughes

I send my clients to Jon Dennis at Red 76 Tax. Always get good reports back and most importantly he’s proactive and talks good sense.

Ally Ilott