Why partner with Red76?

Everyone has a limit; be it time, industry qualification, experience, or headspace! We would like to see if we can work with you, so you can offer your clients a broader array of services to support them.
The services you offer stay firmly in your hands, but your clients will appreciate additional services from a highly reputable chartered accountant. As well as providing a helpful introduction to additional professional services for your client, you’ll earn a passive income on fees generated.

A win-win for everyone involved!

Who are Red76?

Red76 is a firm of Chartered Accountants based in Newbury, Berkshire offering accounting, taxation and business advisory and support services to a wide range of businesses and individuals. We enable businesses, organisations, individuals, and communities to achieve their financial and strategic goals – with rigour, integrity, and vision.

Meet Jon, the Managing Partner of Red76.

Jon is more than just a chartered accountant – he’s proactive, and able to explain things in way you and your clients can understand, with limited jargon! He’s knowledgeable and qualified and has a great little team so you can always get hold of someone who knows what’s going on and what to do next.

How it works

We would like to get to know you and to build a relationship with you. We would like you to trust us and to rely on us when your clients need additional services outside of your remit.

If you give us an introduction to your client, we will do the rest of the running. Once the client is signed up, we really appreciate the confidence you place in our services and would offer you a rebate of our fees charged.

If we meet your standards (and we expect them to be high, as we know how valuable your client is to you), we can then get to work.

We’d have a documented arrangement, as well as regular catch ups throughout the year. Red76Tax would sign a partner agreement with you that would cover all the formal areas, giving clarity and reassurance. We would be very happy to go through this with you when we get to that stage.


Whatever the size of your client base, we would like to work with you. That way you can offer your clients a broader range of services, safe in the knowledge that we will take on the areas you can’t.

Absolutely not! We would like to build a relationship with you – one that we can both benefit from over the long term.  Whilst we may offer some of the same services, for each client whom you introduce, we will agree upon what services are ‘restricted’ as you are doing them, and we’ll proceed on that basis.  Remember, the mutual objective is to do a great a job for the client, and you are an integral part of that.

It’s a relatively simple process and one that we are very experienced in! Once the client is engaged, an exchange of emails with the current accountant will allow us to start doing the work.

Our clients know, like and trust us, so it’s only natural that they ask us for recommendations about where to go for services we don’t offer. We’ll send them your way. And if we cross over? We’re frequently very busy, so we would be delighted offer you some work in return.

Where you might hate selling, Jon loves it! An introductory email is all he needs, and then he will chat to your client direct, whilst keeping you in the picture.

Send an email to office@red76tax.com and we can arrange a time to chat over the phone or meet face to face.

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